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Serving True Enthusiasts

We are a premier destination for car enthusiasts who want to find awesome, hand made, quality items for their cars that are crafted by fabricators with a true passion for the automotive community they service. All of our parts are guaranteed to be the highest quality, tested & approved, and most importantly, inexpensive!

Enabling Creators & Fabricators

Fabricators, Creators, and Thinkers can come to us for help with funding, distribution, graphic design, website & social media moderation as well as sourcing for materials & production line.  We offer customer support & service at no cost to you. We help advertise, generate sales, and take care of the little things so you don't have to! Our service is next to none.

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About Us

Street Weapons is here to connect enthusiasts with fabricators and creators all over North America. We pride ourselves on having FANTASTIC customer service, offering AMAZING products, and helping out true car enthusiasts in any way we can! Our goal is for our customers to find badass fabricated components specifically for their car's that fit perfect, are accurately described, and made by hand from someone with a passion for this lifestyle. Here you wont find parts from big companies that are trying to push out as many products for as many cars as they can. When you purchase from us you are supporting someone in your local community, getting an awesome, high quality, tested item for your car, and most importantly, saving money! All of our partners/fabricators are true car enthusiasts, they test and build every part to be perfect, fit correctly, and require little to no modification. They specialize in one to two chassis's or items and let us handle customer service & support, returns, advertising, etc which allows them to focus on Fabrication and Research & Development.