Spring Forward | First Meet of The Season

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Spring Forward | First Meet of The Season

Author: Ryder Lane 
Editor: Jason McDonald 
Photography: Ryder Lane 

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How do you know it’s the start of spring?

Maybe it’s the neighbors’ kid out in the yard at noon. Maybe it’s the blossoming of the flowers in your garden. Me? It’s when the first group of supercars pass me on the highway. When the small pack of stunt bikers rev bomb your local intersection, but when you’re able to find a car meet within 3 minutes of searching social media, you know Spring is in full effect and there’s no stopping it.

I come across the first local car meet banner in my feed, and it was tonight. Damn, I love springtime. My day job ends and I hop in my car and head down the 101. By the time I arrive it’s early, too early, by 30 minutes. In an elevated parking ground at a YMCA parking lot, young kids with their families playing baseball and catch in the field that over looks the city. As beautiful as the location was, I was the first one there, and I felt out of place. I leave to get some Red Bull’s and cigarettes and return in 10 minutes.

And Boom, like a snap of the fingers I return and a line up of modified sports cars are against the fields fence, all uniformly sporting a creative design; no doubt repping the club that throws the meet.

By 7:45, 20+ cars have arrived and parked under blue overhead parking lot lights that replaced the sunsets Amber illumination, the warmth of the fading sun was replaced with a brisk cold wind. The drivers getting out and cliqueing up with their friends, as this meet happens every Monday, most people seem to know each other. A 250cc motorcycle was passed between some friends, people taking turns ripping around the parking lot in first and second gear, or tugging a friend around on a pair of in line skates while he took the corners dragging his hand on the ground.

More and more cars pulled up, but everyone was on good behavior. The loudest any of the cars got was when they pulled into the parking lot, letting off their throttle in first gear, letting everyone hear the pops and gurgles of their exhaust before they backed into their preferred parking space. It was a no rev/ no burnout meet, and for the absolute majority, everyone behaved. There was ONE mustang who gave some 2 step action due to peer pressure. “Do it for the gram!” It was a short lived action before someone walked over and gave them a firm understanding of the rules of the meet.

There were cars in all various stages of modification. A swirl wrapped New production Supra, some Subaru’s with BOV’s and Rainbow Headlights, Some rocking track tires and roll cages, others slammed with gorgeous rims, damn, there was even a lifted off-road Jeep displaying its suspension and brightly shining colored LEDs; at the expense of one of it’s fellow 4x4’s. 

It was coming to the end, maybe 30 minutes remained before the Park gates were going to close when everyone’s head snapped at the sound of a unique exhaust note coming up to the car park. The crowd gathered around so tightly, everyone who was attending packed into a small corner to admire this classic machine. A classic car enthusiast, with “StevesPov” handle name marked into the paint of this 1970’s Skyline. Followed by a 1970’s Toyota Century. The crowd favorites are picked in an obvious display where a crowd of 40 people gather in a 20 foot circle to stare the fat Proxxies and front mounted Oil cooler next to the Classic VIP curtained Toyota Limo.

The crowd winds down and the park staff drive around the small parking lot with its yellow flashing lights. The crowd begins to gather in their cars, and obvious sign that the time is up. As the long line of cars slow roll down the single lane downhill exit, as we approach the stop sign, each car took its turn accelerating off into the distance. 
A sweet farewell to the Monday Asphalt Theory Meet.
Until next Monday.