S-Chassis LED Key Ring

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Manufactured exclusively by SAVAGEONES, this one piece unit replaces the original 2 piece unit that was originally a "junkyard only" find. We have painstakingly designed a 1 piece, newly manufactured, illuminated key ring that does not require OEM rings. 

Unfortunately the 240sx did not come equipped with a lighted ignition cylinder ring from the factory. Having this allows you to find the ignition even in the darkest of places. This is one of those parts that you can customize truly to your liking, whether you are going for a specific color to complete an interior theme or just simply choosing your favorite color, the possibilities are endless.

Package will come with: 
X1 NEW Ignition key ring 
X1 NEW LED Bulb with 3 year warranty 
X1 NEW Bulb harness

Red/ White/ Amber/ Blue/ Green

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