S-Chassis AN Conversion Fittings - Power Steering Rack

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These fittings are designed specifically for the S-Chassis power steering rack, but may work with other racks as well.
Our fittings are built to EXACT depth, width, and O-ring positions as OEM fittings, and provide superior flow, as well as leak protection, over most AN conversion line kits.
Standard conversion fittings don't thread deep enough into the S-Chassis rack, and so the O-ring doesn't get a chance to seal correctly. Ours solves this issue.

A set of fittings comes with:
One (1) - 14 x 1.5mm to -6AN fitting
One (1) - 16 x 1.5mm to -6AN fitting

All sets of fittings come with high grade Vitron/FKM O-rings that are superior to standard O-rings, and will last longer.

Fittings are made of steel with a zinc coating, and produced locally in the USA.
A Tight Fit Fab product.

"I bought a set of these....I was able to directly compare these to both the fittings that came with my AN line conversion kit, as well as the stock fittings. These are built to the same depth, width, and o-ring seating position as the OEM fittings, the fittings from my line kit I wouldn't even consider using after I saw these. My rack has not leaked a drop of fluid since I installed these!" - Omid 


Confirmed fit: S12, S13, S14, S15 

Will work with most power steering conversion kits but correct line sizing and line fittings are needed. Please confirm the size of the fittings for the kit you plan to use before purchase.