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S12 Silvia Bonnet Decals:
FJ20E version download HERE 

fj20e hood decal oem vinyl sticker
FJ20ET version download HERE
fj20et turbo hood decal prop bonnet oem vinyl sticker
CA18ET version download HERE
turbo bonnet hood decal s12 silvia gazelle bluebird oem sticker vinyl
(These links originally provided at Socal S-Chassis)

Oil filter for S13: 15208-53J0A

Connecting Rod Bearing: 12111-1N500

Crankshaft Bearing: 12207-60J00

Front main seal: 13510-53J00

Rear Main seal: 12279-0M300

Piston Ring set: 12033-53J10

Exhaust Manifold Gasket (S13): 14036-53J10

Exhaust Manifold Stud: 14065-75F00

Intake Manifold Gasket (S14): 14035-5U000

Intake Manifold Gasket (S13): 14035-53J00

Oil Strainer Gasket: 15053-1E400

Intake Valve: 13201-1E711

Exhaust Valve (Not found at Nissan): 13202-53J01

Shim: 13229-53J00

Tensioner Gasket: 13079-2J200

Intake Valve Seal: 13207-84A00

Exhaust Valve Seal: 13207-53F00

Intake/Exhaust Valve Seats: 13205-53J00

Valve cover gasket (S13): 13270-52F00

Spark Plug Well Gasket: 13271-52F00

SR20DET OEM USDM Replacement Parts

Some parts Courtsey of Kazuo -

Oil filter (S13 SR20DET)- 91-94 Sentra SE-R Part number: 15208-53J0A

Oil filter (S14 SR20DET)- 95 Sentra SE-R/200SX Part Number: 15208-65F0A

Fuel Filter - 1990-1996 300ZX TT

Upper injector o-ring - 7/95 and newer 300ZX TT (small/upper)...

Lower injector o-ring - 7/95 and newer 300ZX TT (big/lower)

o2 sensor (S13 SR20DET REDTOP)- '87 300ZX Turbo AKA Skinny Type.(requires splicing of harnesses. 300zx is 3 wire square plug, SR is 3 wire linear plug. Stock redtop 02 sensor was never produced in US market)

o2 Sensor (S14 SR20DET BLACKTOP)- 95 300ZX TT

Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Red Top)- 91-94 Sentra SE-R

4 Hole Turbo Manifold gasket / 5 Hole Turbo Extension Gasket - 91-96 300ZX TT (Z32)

Fuel Injectors - 91-96 Z32 300ZX TT (purple plugs; 370cc)

MAF - 89-90 240SX

Timing Chain Kit - 91 B13 Sentra SE-R

Belts (PS, AC, alt) - Gates K050370 Alt., K040345 PS & most AC (Dayco belts - 5050370 ALT, 5040345 PS)

Spark Plugs - 91 Sentra SE-R (USE ONLY NGK Iridium/Platinum BKR6E or BKR7E gapped to .028 (upgraded turbo) - .032 (Stock turbo)


Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor - '91-94 B13 Sentra SE-R and KADE Temp Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor - '91-'94 B13 Sentra SE-R

Water Temperature Sensor - Sentra (equal to year of you motor)

Front and rear main seal(Red Top) - 93 sentra SER

Stock sr clutch disk - 89 Nissan Maxima


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