Cobb Accessport Tuning Services

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Cobb Accessport Tuning Services

This service is an E-Mail based tune. You will select your options, checkout, and them email us your order number, your DETAILED modlist (more detailed the better), and if possible, a Logfile.

If you would like a remote tune, or to schedule an in person tune, we offer these services as well for a very affordable cost. Please email us to learn more.
Subject: Tuning Services

Plese provide the following:
Engine displacement
Compression Ratio
Injectors (flow rates and offset data, if you don't have this data, we may be able to get it, however it could potentially have an additional cost)
Turbo size
Fuel pump
Aftermarket Sensors & Gauges
any additional power adders you can think of and engine management tools (manual fuel pressure regulator, etc)

If we schedule an appointment to tune a vehicle that is not physically ready to be tuned, we are willing to help with simple diagnostics. However, additional fees for labor will be applied, so please, be ready BEFORE the scheduled tuning appointment and let us know ahead of time.

To minimize potential issues, we highly recommend the following:

-Tune on fresh NEW spark plugs.

-If any sensors are faulty, replace them before your appointment. (TPS, MAP, O2 sensors, etc)

-Make sure the charging system is operating properly.

-Ensure the drive-train is in good condition, including wheel bearings, suspension and related components.

-Perform a boost leak test and fix all leaks (EVEN if you do not think you have one. Perform the test to the amount of boost going to be ran). The tune will NOT be accurate if performed with a boost leak.

-Ensure fuel pressure is set.

-Ensure boost control and wastegate correctly plumbed.

-All vacuum and boost hoses must be secured at their ends and all suspect hoses should be replaced (chafed, cracked, etc.)

-Make sure the exhaust and turbo components are all tight/not leaking.

-Make sure your ignition system can handle the amount of power/boost you're trying to run. (we are not responsible for researching your setup to make sure you have the proper parts)

-Make sure you have good tire and tire pressure.

-Correct fluid level (engine oil, coolant, gear lubricants) - Make sure you have NO fluid leaks of any kind.

-Ensure the coolant is entirely bled and radiator fans are working.

-If the car is smoking or has excessive blow-by, please have it inspected and repaired professionally first.

-Check for any check engine lights. Make sure that I am aware of ALL CELs before the tuning process. That way, i can determine if it is something that needs to be disabled or if there is an issue. (ANY AND ALL DASH LIGHTS NEED TO BE REPORTED BEFORE TUNING)

-Check the engine harness to be free from breaks and have no exposed wires. Breaks or exposed wires should not be twisted and taped together. Check all grounds.

-Make sure the fuel pump is in good condition AND able to supply the amount of fuel needed for your power level desired. If you are unsure of the age/condition, it is best to replace. (we are not responsible for researching your setup to make sure you have the proper parts)

-Ensure your have proper timing and the timing belt is in good condition.

-Check the throttle body and throttle controls. (no sticking, blockages, check cables, etc)

-Make sure the clutch is set for the torque rating you will be making and not for what it was making. If the clutch starts slipping, I will have to stop, and you will have to get a re-tune. NO DISCOUNTS/REFUNDS ISSUED FOR CLUTCH SLIPPAGE 

Tuning cars with issues only results in revisions being required and you, the customer, having to pay even more than necessary.
As a professional tuning service, we refuse to tune around issues or "band-aid" issues during the tuning process. The issues will start to compound on top of each other and cause further issues later.

None of this is meant to dissuade from getting tuned. We would just like to ensure the calibration is up to standard, and that you will be satisfied with your tune.