S-Chassis Rear Dual Caliper Kit - Wilwood

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The biggest and baddest dual caliper kit for the S-Chassis! Developed and produced by Silver Mine Motors.

This brake upgrade will allow you to have 2 Wilwood Dynalight 4 piston calipers on each of your rear rotors. One caliper will hook up to your stock brake system that is controlled by your brake pedal while the second caliper gets connected to a hydraulic handbrake.
No more weird pedal feeling! 
This kit gives you MUCH more stopping power and heat dissipation, as well as 2 dedicated 4 piston hand brake caliper's. Locking the rear wheels can be done with such ease!

This brake kit includes: 
1. x4 Enormous Wilwood aluminum 4 piston calipers (43.75mm pistons) 
2. x2 296MM (11.65 inch) CNC dimpled, slotted, vented, zinc-plated, and machine balanced rotors 
3. DOT approved custom fabricated steel braided brake lines 
4. Custom fabricated T6061 aluminum dual caliper brackets
6. Wilwood brake pads
7. Pad spacers
8. All needed hardware 

This is a complete kit
There are no other parts needed to complete the installation. Installing is very easy, and can be done in less than 4 hours. The lightweight aluminum 4 piston calipers weight only 3.4 pounds and have 41mm diameter pistons. These calipers are available in many local auto parts stores, so replacing them is not a problem. The vented slotted and drilled rotors are professionally built with CNC machines, and zinc plated to prevent rusting. They can be bought at any local auto part store. The steel braided brake lines are custom made to fit this brake kit for easy installation. The aluminum caliper brackets are made of T6061, the highest grade of aircraft quality aluminum on the market. These brackets are very light and extremely strong. They will never rust or corrode. Comes with performance street & track brake pads. This brake upgrade is also extremely lightweight; it will help reduce the amount of unsprung weight. This is important since it will allow your suspension to react to road conditions much faster than with heavy cast iron calipers. Your car will handle better and be more predictable. Overall it’s a great brake kit that will make your S-chassis stop faster and better than you could ever imagine!

Note: Requires 16 or 17-inch wheels. This kit does have hydraulic E-brake capability. Only comes with Grey calipers.