S12 to S-Chassis Multi-Link Subframe Conversion Kit (2 Types)

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This is a DIY kit to help assist in the installation of a more modern 90’s multi-link setup from various Nissan/Infiniti chassis, such as the prevalent 240SX. This is the only available swap kit that is able to accommodate all the wider subframes such as Z32 directly, as well as the S14/S15 subframes without the use of conversion bushings. Also note that only half of a bushing set is required for installation, possibly reducing cost further.

Installation will require cutting and welding, but installing the adapters is a small fraction of the actual work involved in the swap. The adapters provide all the crucial parts that would require machining, and nothing more. There are no plates for connecting the front sleeves to the subframe provided, but templates are available on the support forum. As such the entirety of the remaining work will be measuring, cutting, and welding.

There are two approaches to doing the swap:

  • The first (Type I) is to install the 2 pins with brackets in the rear, then modify the subframe at the front to connect to the original 300ZX pins with the sleeves provided. The benefit of this approach is that it is easily reversible, the original pins are untouched, and the new rear pins don’t interfere with the axles, therefore the original subframe with trailing arms can be reinstalled.
  • The second way (Type II) is to modify the car entirely, to install 4 new pins where the new multi-link subframe expects them to be, this requires 4 pins with brackets, two of which will have to be modified and braced for the front positions. The benefit to this route is the ease at which subframes can be swapped, if they are ever damaged or too rusty, there is no additional fabrication required to replace it. Also, for a subsequent swap from S13 to S14 subframe, conversion bushings would be all that’s required.


The main purpose of this swap is to take advantage of the huge adjustability inherent in a multi-link system, and all the aftermarket parts that further enable adjustments. Including the ability to use the larger/stronger axles from the early-90’s 300ZX, Skyline, and Q45 models, as well as making it easier to obtain ring and pinion gear sets to change the final drive ratio. Everything from roll-center to camber curves become tunable with the right aftermarket linkages/arms, along with RC corrected aftermarket uprights. The only downside is cost.

The sleeves and brackets are mild steel for easy welding, no special preparation is required for that, but the pins are hardened chrome steel to be able to survive the use of swaged or top-lock nuts.  Nuts are not included, but the best nuts to use are the Nissan R200 differential pinion nuts, they should be available through any dealer.