S-Chassis Frame Rail Plate Kit & DIY Tube Front Base

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Designed & fabricated by Humble Engineering in California, USA.

Plate your frame rails and give yourself a great starting base for a DIY tube front or bash bar. Already cut to size, these plates are perfect for a quick start! Just put in place, hold, and weld.
If you want to make your front end removable, you can choose the Welded Bolt Option to have a bolt welded to the frame rail end allowing you to fasten your front end to it with a simple nut.

  • Made with 14ga cold rolled steel
  • Total weight: 2 Lbs
  • Welding & modification is required
  • CAD designed, CNC cut
Installation Instructions:
1. Prepare your frame rails by grinding all edges flat and removing any paint or impurities
2. Once frame rails are prepared, hold the plates up to the rail and secure with a magnet
3. Double check placement, then weld (unless using weld on bolt option, then continue to next step)
4. If using the weld on bolt option, make sure the 2 bolts are aligned and square with each other or else your front end may be tweaked

Please contact us with any installation issues or questions: Contact@streetweapons.net