S13 Ultimate Rear Strut Brace

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Designed & fabricated by Humble Engineering in California, USA.

The Ultimate Rear Strut Brace has been designed to be sleek, strong, not hurt your wallet and provide superior chassis stiffness with as small a footprint as possible. Engineered to allow easy adjustment of coilovers/suspension, these braces are fabricated with the user in mind to allow adequate space. Made with 1.5" DOM tubing TIG welded to CNC cut, low profile mounting plates.

Standard Brace

If you are looking to maintain rear trunk space, or are just wanting to stiffen up your street car/daily driver, eliminate some body roll, or flair up your trunk, then the standard strut brace is for you. Providing medium stiffness and rigidity the basic bar setup is perfect for street use, daily driver use, and light track use. Also recommended if you have a rear mounted fuel cell and need a sleek design that does not take up a lot of room.

Tri-Point Brace

If you have a track setup and need SUPERIOR chassis rigidity, then the Tri-Point Bracing option is for you. This option allows you to bolt the strut brace to your rear floor pan providing extreme stiffness, reducing body roll, and providing more safety. This is recommended for all track applications, drag racing applications, and more. This setup does take up more room but offers much more rigidity in return.

  • 1.5" DOM Tube with 3/16 cold rolled mounting plates CNC cut
  • Finish options include standard/bare metal, or Wrinkle Black.
Features & Specifications
  • CAD Designed
  • CNC Cut
  • Hand Fabricated
  • TIG Welded
    (Finish is not guaranteed/warrantied as shipping may scratch or blemish it)