S30 RACE VERSION Rear Strut Bar

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Designed & fabricated by Humble Engineering in California, USA.

Our S30 "Race Version" Rear Strut Brace is a lightweight, aircraft grade, one piece, cold-rolled, CNC cut work of engineering. 
This rear strut bar is designed to add true chassis rigidity by being a solid piece that is non-adjustable, engineered to provide extra stiffness and rigidity.  
Adjustable rear bars with hinges are much easier to manufacture, however the adjustable hinges between the mounting plate and bar are weak points that still allow flex, making it an undesirable upgrade for performance based applications.
Not only is our strut brace cosmetically appealing, but it is guaranteed to perform better than any other brace on the market.

  • 1.75" Chromoly Tubing with 3/16 cold rolled mounting plates CNC cut
  • Finish options include standard/bare metal, or Wrinkle Black.
Features & Specifications
  • CAD Designed
  • CNC Cut
  • Hand Fabricated
  • TIG Welded