Super Grip Shift Knob

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The Super Grip tear drop shift knob is 3D printed with a special grippy texture, hence its name. Another unique feature of this knob is its heavy weight, at 160 grams (which is as heavy a many OEM aluminum shift knobs). Its sleek, slender body has allows the driver to “flick” their shift, allowing for confident control, for people who enjoy a heavier-weight shift knob.
Like the original Type A shift knob, it features a unique 2-piece design with a cover that slips over the locking nut, creating a clean look.

Each piece is finished and inspected by hand for quality assurance.

Precisely printed using ABS plastic, for an extremely durable and long lasting part.
Heavy weight of 160 grams - (as heavy as many OEM aluminum knobs).
Most of the weight is centered along the axis of the shift lever, for a direct, not sloppy shift
"Super grippy" texture prevents slipping and misshifts
Maintains stable temperature in the cold and heat, won't burn or freeze your hand off
All stainless steel hardware
Very strong, solid design. The knob has been tested and abused by satisfied customers to this day
Lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship for the life of the product in both street and race applications

Note: Like custom-made composite materials, FDM 3D printing has variations in finish. All 3D products are hand finished and inspected prior to packaging for defects. 3D products may also include a seam line, where the filament nozzle begins and ends its extrusion path. The Ropes Design takes pride in guaranteeing the cleanest, most precise 3D prints possible, and much of the R&D of a product goes into creating an aesthetically beautiful print, in addition to a strong and functional part.