Z31 Adjustable Control-Arm Conversion Kit

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This is a DIY conversion kit for the front control arms, the entire bushing end of the control arm is cut off, and the receiver block is welded in place; then assembled with the rodend hardware. The main reasons for doing this modification are: replacing old and worn bushings, creating a more positive feel while steering or braking, and to reduce binding with more extreme caster settings.


The included double adjuster has opposing threads inside and outside, so unscrewing it will lengthen the control arm, tightening it will shorten the control arm. The jam nut supplied locks the rodend to the adjuster, while the jam screw locks the adjuster to the welded receiver block. The jam screw is accessible from underneath the control arm. The supplied rodends are nylon-kevlar injected race cromoly, which will take all the abuse, without any maintenance.


The installation of the weld-block requires first cutting the control arm at 90-95mm from the inner end of the arm (not the bushing center), though at less distance for a longer finished arm, exactly perpendicular to the bottom of the arm when resting on a flat surface. Proper care should be taken to clean and prepare the surfaces for welding, and minimizing heat transfer should prevent any warpage of threads. The weight difference with a converted arm is less than 150 grams. Note that the position of the endlink and tension rod mounting holes will change with length adjustment, some slotting or other modifications may be required.