Z31 Adjustable Tension-Rod Kit

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This is a 1988-89 model, rodend based tension-rod kit, to replace the fixed length OEM rod. By having length adjustment, caster becomes adjustable, something not normally possible on a Macpherson-strut setup. The caster effect can be important for high-speed driving, where the car will have more tendency to stay driving straight, and slightly more difficult to turn, but the 300ZX is primarily a touring car.


Since adding caster is one of the design criteria, the head that attaches to the control arm has a kink to it, of a larger degree than the OEM part. This will also help on vehicles that are lowered and don’t have a rollcenter correction kit, to return the control arm to it’s original position, without binding the balljoint.


The entire tension-rod is made of high-strength cromoly, except for the rodend spacers on the sides, those are stainless steel. The center adjuster is powdercoated black, but the rest is zinc plated. For weight savings, the adjusting bars are also gun-drilled.


The OEM tension-rod uses a custom stepped bolt to attach to the bracket, this gets replaced with the included 1/2″ bolt. This may or may not require gently reaming or filing the smaller of the two holes, for proper fitment.
When installing the rods for adjustment initially, it is recommended to only install one of the M12 bolts (with the nut almost tight) into the head, and to allow the tension-rod to rotate on the control arm, and pay attention to where the second hole now overlaps metal. That overlap has to be clearanced on the arm before the second bolt can be installed. Failure to do this when adjusting caster could introduce significant bending force on all the components, which then might become damaged over time, or even prematurely fail.