Z31 Extendable Outer Tie-Rod Kit

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This kit is designed to allow more adjustment to the steering than otherwise possible, including bumpsteer correction for cars with significant additional caster. This kit is a direct complement to the rt.trackpro Adjustable Control-arm Conversion Kit, as it can be extended to match the required lengths to maintain the correct geometry throughout the camber curve. The tie-rods are also ideal for use with quick ratio steering knuckles, and racing applications, where greater strength is required. For use with OEM or high-quality equivalent inner tie-rods.

Bumpsteer tuning is accomplished by adding or removing steel spacer rings above the rodend, in a normal application, using the two included spacers per side mimics the original tie-rods, for vehicles with caster above 7 degrees, moving 1 spacer ring below the rodend might be ideal. Consult your alignment specialist for your intended application and driving style before making changes.

Length adjustment is greater on this kit than the factory tie-rod setup. Since the turnbuckle has threads on both ends, there is more twice the movement allowed, while retaining the minimum safe thread engagement. Using an 1987 model aligned to factory specifications as the basis, total length adjustment over the OEM style tie-rods is roughly -15mm to +25mm. The jam nuts on both ends of the turnbuckle have to be loosened to accomplish this, and once adjusted, re-tightened to about 40ft-lbs. A small dab of thread locker is recommended on the jam nuts, anytime firm suspension or low-profile tires are used, and where excessive vibration may occur.


Starting with the turnbuckle shafts, everything is made with motorsports in mind. They are made of high-strength cromoly, gun-drilled to reduce weight, and e-coated for a semi-gloss corrosion resistant finish. The tapered pins are hardened to accept all-metal lock nuts on top, and a grade 8 nyloc nut for the bottom. The rodends are the QA1 cromoly high-misalignment series, they are capable of greater than 60 degrees of swivel, unlike the economy rodends used in other aftermarket tie-rod kits which can bind and snap.

The tapered pin may impact or interfere with wheels under 17″ in diameter, potentially made worse with the use of roll-center adjusters, if so, the tapered pins can be trimmed at the bottom end to counter this. Approximately 1/4″ clearance was observed on a 1987 model test vehicle using 18×9.5″ +15 offset wheels, and installed with the rt.trackpro Negative-camber Roll-center Adjuster Kit, but without any additional wheel spacers. Quick-ratio steering knuckles will improve clearance.

Turnbuckles should be installed initially with the rodend and inner tie-rod fully threaded in, then extended to the desired length once installed. It is a good idea to mark thread depths achieved on the turnbuckle with masking tape, and making note of how far either end has extended during adjustment. Minimum thread engagement of either the rodend or inner tie-rod should not fall below approximately 15mm.

The tapered pin has a 12mm wrench relief, and should be installed in the steering knuckle by itself. Once the lock nut on top is secured to 50-55ft-lbs, the spacers and rodend can slide on, and the large lower lock nut can be installed. Removal is the same procedure in reverse.