Z31 Heavy-Duty 13″ Big Front Brake Kit

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This is the first serious direct-fit brake kit for all 300ZX models that don’t come with slip-on rotor hubs, it was designed to convert the bolt-on rotor style hubs to a 2-piece slip-on style rotor, with the use of the included extended wheel studs. The rotors hats are drilled for both 4 and 5 stud hubs, ensuring fitment with about 80% of the 1984-89’s in existence, without having to opt for the increasingly rare ’87-89 turbo hubs as with alternative brake kits.

One of the primary design goals was to give the maximum amount of caliper to wheel clearance possible, the caliper protrudes about half as far as on more common big brake kits for other vehicles, barely 2-3mm more than 1990’s 300ZX calipers. The distance between the rotor hat face and the caliper face is approximately 23mm, the majority of concave wheels will clear as-is, some flat faced wheels might require a thin spacer.

The piston sizes of 40mm in the calipers were chosen to specifically suit the 15/16″ brake master cylinder already in the car, there should be no requirement to upgrade to a larger master cylinder, but it will function well with either the 1″ or 17/16″ non-ABS (3-port) master cylinders for a newer model 300ZX. The 15/16″ master cylinder should make modulating the brakes easier, the 17/16″ version will make the pedal firmer.

The calipers were also customized with the installation of a common metric inverted flare fitting, as used with Z32-conversion brake lines, available anywhere that 240sx upgrades are sold. There are several inexpensive DOT-approved braided brake lines that will work.

Rotors sizes are 330x32mm (13″x1.25″) which would be classified as heavy-duty, the rings are made of high tensile iron (HT300-350), e-coated for corrosion resistance on all non-friction surfaces, accompanied by hard anodized aluminum hats. Rotors come pre-assembled and balanced.