Z31 Negative-Camber Rollcenter Adjusters

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These roll-center adjusters are all about giving you the ultimate road holding ability, without causing any brake clearance issues on ’84-86 models, or those with upgraded brake kits. They are designed to help correct control arm geometry on a lowered vehicle, while improving your wheel camber throughout a hard turn. They are simply the best single handling upgrade available; they are excellent alone, but they work even better with solid rodend based tension rods and control arms too.


Lowering a car changes the angle of the control arms, this affects how weight transfers induce body roll. By lowering the balljoint to compensate (raising the roll-center), weight transfer will be more predictable, and roll will be minimized. The adjusters offer some of the effects of a stiffer front swaybar, camber plates, and a larger caster angle, all in one product. The new design is made from aircraft grade aluminum, they are strong and light, with a stepped body to remove unneeded material.


At 35mm tall, with a full centering hump on top, these roll-center adjusters are the tallest in production for the 300ZX. Unlike the straight versions offered by other companies, brake rotor to control arm clearance for upgraded brake packages is increased, not decreased. Expect the typical vehicle to gain up to 2.3 degrees of negative camber, depending on suspension configuration, and carrying more dynamic camber into a turn than the use of camber plates would allow.


Because the attachment points are offset by 19mm, there is a corresponding increase in overall track width, the hub will move outboard by approximately 11mm per side. Much like using a wheel spacer, wheel fitment or fender clearance may change, be aware of this.